Whats new in Identity Governance 11gR2 PS3 (OIM/OPAM



  • Role Lifecycle Management – Role Analytics – SOD Violations and handling, Impact Analysis, Role Consolidation.
  • Identity Audit, configuration of IDA, Segregation of Duties detection and closed loop remediation.
  • Cloud Look User Interface
  • Catalog with Guided Navigation
  • Time based access for new and existing accounts : access is granted at the right time and revoked when the time is over.
  • Custom Admin Roles : gives functional capabilities to the admin role, specify members and membership rules, and organizations that the admin role members can manage.
  • Increased Auditing
  • Improved Password Policy Management
  • SCIM-Based REST Services
  • Improved Workflow Policies
  • Improved SSO Integration
  • Access policy owner and consolidation in Role LCM.
  • Improved integration with Oracle Mobile and Social Platform.



  • Increased forensic analysis and audit data.
  • Windows(MPEG-4)/Unix recording of activities done by users.
  • Session management control – whitelist commands and restrictions of commands.
  • Enhanced Usage/deployment reportings.
  • Delegated Administration and resource grouping.
  • Integration with Network devices and hypervisors.
December 27, 2015

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