OIMDEV14 – Managing ScheduledTask, EventHandler Metadata using MBean

Using Mbean(MDSAppRuntime:MDSAppRuntime) approach to register the ScheduledTask/EventHandler metadata

MDS Approach:
prepare ScheduledTask/EventHandler  metadata under :

Login to EM Console
Identity and Access =>OIM => System MBean Browser => oracle.mds.lcm => oim_server1 => OIMAppMetadata => MDSAppRuntime => Operations

A) importMetadata

fromLocation => /stage/sourcecodes/metadata/import/
doc => /custom2/DisableUsersFromCsvSTM.xml

B) exportMetadata

fromLocation => /stage/sourcecodes/metadata/export
CreateSubDir =>  true

c) deleteMetadata

doc => /custom2/DisableUsersFromCsvSTM.xml

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