OIMDEV01 – Jdeveloper and Installation/Configuration and Moving Design Console to Windows

1. Download Jdeveloper (SOA Workflow development) and OIM Development and ADF Task Flow)


A. Jdeveloper : Link

B. Install SOA Extension in Jdeveloper : Link

-> Select version and download the extension i.e. pcbpel_bundle.zip

Add the extension in Jdeveloper

-> Jdeveloper => Tools => Preferences => Extensions => Check for updates => Install From Local File

 Restart Jdeveloper

C. Jdeveloper : Link

 D. Download and Install JDK 1.7 update 80+  : Link

Select and download :  Windows x64  140.09 MB   jdk-7u80-windows-x64.exe

2. Move Design Console from Linux to Windows


Copy /d01/Weblogic/FMW/Oracle_IAM1/designconsole to Windows Folder.

3 changes to be done in designconsole in windows to work :

A. Modify xlclient.cmd

B. Copy jrf-api.jar to \designconsole\ext

C. Modify the classpath.bat and add entry of jrf-api.jar

Now launch and work on DesignConsole in Windows.

For superior quality watch the video in 720p HD.

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