OIM-2 Products Required in OIM & DB12c Installation & Creation

Download PDF : Components and Products Required in OIM

Download Excel : Certification Matrix for OIM

Practical Steps to Install, Create and Tune the Database

A) Installation
#xhost +   #Enables X session, in remote system it will be replaced with vnc client.
#su – oracle
$cd /stage/OracleDB12c_12.1.0.2/database/
/u01/app/oracle/product/ #ORACLE_HOME for DB, where DB 12c will be installed.

B) Create the DB & Listener
#xhost +
#su – oracle
$dbca #DataBase Configuration Assistant to create and tune the DB and Listener.

C) Tune the DB
1) Sessions : 1000
2) open_cursors : 1000
3) processes : 1000
4) DB Character Set : AL32UTF8

Checkpoint : Oracle DB is ready for RCU.

For superior quality watch the video in 720p HD.

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