OAM-5 Oracle HTTP Server, OAM Webgate and OUD

6. OHS #Oracle HTTP Server/WebTier/OHS/Webserver

Open Terminal
#xhost +                                              #will enable X Session
#su – weblogic
$cd /stage/ohs_11.1.1.9/Disk1

cd /d01/Weblogic/FMW

Oracle Process Manager Notification (OPMN)
Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)
Oracle Web Cache

OBE Link : Click Here
Context :

DB <=> AppServer <=> OHS(static contents,File System) <=> WebCache(Static Contents,cached) <=End Users


7. OAM OHS Webgate

Open Terminal
#xhost + #will enable X Session, vnc server or Xming.
#su – weblogic
$cd /stage/webgate_11.1.2.3/Disk1/

cd /d01/Weblogic/FMW


Note : OHS and OHS Webgate need to installed in the same host and in the same MW_HOME.

Note : PS3 Supported Webservers and OAM Agents

1. OHS => OHS OAM Webgate
2. OTD => OTD OAM Webgate

Note: PS2 Supported Webservers and OAM Agents (Backward compatibility)

1. Apache => Apache OAM Agent
2. IHS => IHS OAM Agent
3. OTD => OTD OAM Agent
4. iPlanet => iPlanet OAM Agent
5. IIS => IIS OAM Agent
6. OHS => OHS OAM Agent

8. OUD

Open Terminal
#xhost +                         #will enable X Session
#su – weblogic
$cd /stage/oud_11.1.2.3/Disk1/


1. OID(Replication Topology, ODS) 2. ODSEE(User Base, AppServer) 3. OVD =

4. OUD[standalone JEE, Replication Topology, 1 billion user entries, OVD]

High Availability Implication

1) OS version and all product versions must be same.
2) All directory Structure & ORACLE_HOME names must be same on all nodes.
3) All nodes must have the same timestamp(NTP server- Mostly part of DNS Server)
4) All nodes must communicate with each other.

For superior quality watch the video in 720p HD.

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