OAM-4 IDMSuite, IAMSuite and Oracle Security Solutions Overview


#xhost +
#su – weblogic
cd /stage/idmSuite_11.1.1.9/Disk1

cd /d01/Weblogic/FMW

Oracle Internet Directory : C lang, LDAP+DB
Oracle Directory Integration Platform : AD <=> OID
Oracle Virtual Directory :
Oracle Identity Federation : Facebook(ABC Ent[1,2,3..]) ==> ABC Enterprise(1,2,3,4…)
Oracle HTTP Server : Internal to OVD and OIF
Oracle Directory Service Manager : JEE, to manage OID/OVD
Enterprise Manager : Control OID/OVD

Note : At the end of installation, execute “/d01/Weblogic/FMW/Oracle_IDM1/oracleRoot.sh” as root user.

5) IAMSuite (OAM)

#xhost +
#su – weblogic
cd /stage/iamSuite_11.1.2.3/Disk1

cd /d01/Weblogic/FMW

Oracle Identity Manager Server : JEE
Oracle Identity Manager Design Console : Swing based OIM client
Oracle Identity Manager Remote Manager : Legacy Application
Oracle Access Manager
Oracle Adaptive Access Manager :
Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social
Oracle Privileged Account Manager
Oracle Entitlement Server :
Oracle Mobile Security Suite

Oracle Security Solution

1) Oracle Identity Governance Suite: OIM, OPAM, OIA
2) Oracle Access Management Suite : OAM, OAAM, OIF, eSSO, OAMMS, OMSS
3) Directory Services Suite : OID, ODSEE, OVD, OUD

Download Oracle Security Solutions Products and their usage doc.

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