Types of Adapters in OIM

  1. Pre-Populate Adapter – specific type of rule generator attached to a user-created form field that can automatically generate data to the form but does not save that data to the OIM database but does send that information to appropriate directory user object.
  2. Rule Generator – can populate fields automatically on an OIM form or a user-created form and save to the OIM database based on business rules, The data can come from manual entry on a form or from automated entry from the OIM defined forms.
  3. Process Tasks adapters – automate completion of a process task and are attached to a Process Definition  ( AD user, LDAP User, EBS User etc)
  4. Task Assignment Adapter – automates the assignment of a process task to a user or group
  5. Entity Adapter – automatically populates a field on the OIM User form or custom User Form on pre-update, pre-delete, pre-insert, post-insert, post-update, or post-delete. #in OIM, creating new entity adapters and modifying existing entity adapters are not supported.

How to develop Pre-Populate Adapter (Video): https://www.praclearn.com/unit/oimdev09-development-usage-prepopulate-adapter/?id=3942

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