Disabling OIM LDAP Synchronization

Disabling OIM LDAP Synchronization

Problem Statement: How to disable OIM-Active Directory or OIM-OID/OVD/OUD LDAP Synchronization.


  1. Login to EM Console (make sure oim_server1 is running) and Remove the /db/ldapMetadata/EventHandlers.xml file from MDS, refer snapshot:Mbean
  2. Click on deleteMetadata, update docs value to  /db/ldapMetadata/EventHandlers.xml and invoke the operation:Mbean2
  3. Login to OIM System Admin console and disable below jobs:
    1. LDAP User Create and Update Reconciliation
    2. LDAP Role Create and Update Reconciliation
    3. LDAP Role Membership Reconciliation
    4. LDAP Role Hierarchy Reconciliation

Referenced docs:

  • http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E52734_01/oim/IDMIG/app_oid_oim.htm#IDMIG31803
  • http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E52734_01/oim/OMDEV/uploadutil.htm#OMDEV5208
June 16, 2020

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