Course Curriculum

OIM-1 Overview Of Oracle Identity Governance FREE 00:00:00
Download 14GB OIM Virtual Box Image with Video Instructions
OIM Virtual Box Image with Setup Instruction Video and H/W Requirements 00:00:00
OIM Running Notes
Download OIM Running Notes 00:00:00
Installation Phase
OIM-2 Products Required in OIM & DB12c Installation & Creation FREE 00:00:00
OIM -3 RCU and Weblogic using Custom JDK FREE 00:00:00
OIM-4 SOA, IDMSuite, IAMSuite and Oracle Security Solutions Overview FREE 00:00:00
Configuration and Integration Phase
OIM-5 Configure OID OVD and ODSM 00:00:00
OIM-6 Working on OID, OVD and ODSM 00:00:00
OIM-7 Create Domain For OIM/SOA and BI Publisher 00:00:00
OIM-8 Configuration of OIM and LDAP Sync with Active Directory, OID and OVD 00:00:00
OIM Administration Phase
OIM -9 How to stop and start the complete OIM Stack 00:00:00
OIM -10 Interfaces of OIM, SOA, BI Publisher and LDAP Sync with Active Directory 00:00:00
OIM -11 Bulk Load Users, Roles, Role Hierarchy, Role Membership, Account data from CSV file and DB table 00:00:00
OIM -12 Understand the Connector Bundle and prepare Trusted and Target Applications 00:00:00
OIM -13 Install Connectors, IT Resources and Trusted Reconciliation (Create/Update/Delete & Rogue Users) 00:00:00
OIM -14 Provisioning Configuration for Targets : SandBox, Application Instance, Form Designer & Lookup Configuration 00:00:00
OIM -15 Direct Provisioning, Provisioning Flow, Temporal Access and Heterogeneous Requests 00:00:00
OIM -16 Auto or Criteria Based Provisioning and Troubleshooting Provisioning Issues 00:00:00
OIM -17 Request Based Provisioning or Managing Workflows 00:00:00
OIM -18 Disconnected Resources or Disconnected Application Instance and Proxy 00:00:00
OIM -19 Entitlement Life Cycle Management and Temporal Access 00:00:00
OIM -20 Account or Target Reconciliation and Handling of Orphan Accounts 00:00:00
OIM -21 Managing Organizational Security, Home Organization Policy, Dynamic Organizations and Password Policy 00:00:00
OIM -22 OIM Auditing, Audit Reporting in BI Publisher and OIM Logging & Log Configuration 00:00:00
OIM -23 Diagnostic Dashboard and Troubleshooting 00:00:00
OIM -24 Moving OIM artifacts from TEST to PROD – Deployment Manager, SandBoxes 00:00:00
OIM -25 Create/Test Customized OIM Admin Role And Self Service Capabilities 00:00:00
OIM -26 Configuration Properties, Notifications, Request Profile, Request Draft and walk through of default features 00:00:00
OIM -27 Enable Identity Audit, Role Life Cycle Management, Certification Features and observe the changes 00:00:00
OIM -28 Identity Audit – Manage identity audit rules, configurations, policies, scan definitions, detective and preventive policy violations, remediation and Identity Audit Reports 00:00:00
OIM -29 Role Life Cycle Management – Role Consolidation, SoD Violation and Impact Analysis 00:00:00
OIM -30 Identity Certification(Part 1) – Configuration, Definitions, Risk Configuration, Dashboard and Certifications tasks 00:00:00
OIM -31 Identity Certification(Part 2) – Event Listeners and Certifications Audit Reporting in BI Publisher 00:00:00
OIM -32 Target Integration of Oracle database 12c – Provisioning and Reconciliation 00:00:00
How to apply latest patch
OIM-33 How to Apply Latest OIM Bundle Patches for Bug Fixes 00:00:00
Email/SMTP Server Integration with OIM and SOA for email notifications
OIM -34 Email Server(Exchange) Integration with OIM and SOA FREE 00:00:00
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