Development of Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2 PS3 : Self Paced Online Training


Why OIM Development?

Skills in OIM (11gR2 PS3) Development is required to achieve custom business requirements in Identity Governance, which are not offered by out of the box features in the product. The course is tailor made for most common business requirements in any project and delivers an in-depth learning of Core OIM development (OIM Client, OIM APIs, Adapters, Event Handlers, Scheduled Tasks etc), GTC and ICF based Connector Development, ADF Task Flow Development and SOA Workflow development.

Our Approach

Our OIM Development Course Covers all aspects of OIM Development with real time use cases and 100% hands on approach.

The 25+ hours course is a use cases based, 100% practical course, with

  • Lifetime Access to all 22+ videos, Running Notes and source codes
  • Hands-on Support over WebEx
  • First One (out side Oracle University) to cover ICF Based Connector Development in online training (With source codes)

Download Course Contents PDF =>

Development of OIM11gR2 PS3.pdf

Course Objectives 

  1. UI Customization
  • Custom ADF Task Flow in OIM self Service Application, with practical demonstration.
  • Customizing Pages at Run Time: Using Expression Language
  • Customizing Pages at Run Time: Showing or Hiding Components, changing logos and styles.
  1. Workflow Development
  • Configure Oracle SOA Suite Universal Message Service (UMS) for email notification
  • Creating workflow templates
  • New Workflow Development
  • Modification of existing workflows
  • Extending workflow template – working with BPEL, HumanTask and WebServices
  • Email Configuration and testing
  • Making workflow dynamic using ReqSvc webservice or Dynamic Routing.
  • Defining Sequential Participants/parallel Approvers
  • Configuring Notification, Expiration and Escalation Settings.
  1. GTC Based Connector development
  • Developing GTC Connector for trusted reconciliation using a CSV file
  • Working on Matching Rules and Reconciliation Rules
  • Testing trusted reconciliation 
  1. Audit Report Development
  • Customizing existing BI Publisher Audit Report by adding/removing new parameters or list of value parameters
  • Develop a new custom OIM/SOA BI Publisher report from scratch with data model
  • Remove unwanted reports or report category
  1. Working with OIM API
  • Developing Clients for Oracle Identity Manager
  • Understanding and making use of User Management, Role & organization Management
  1. Scheduled Task & Plugin Development
  • Create a scheduled task
  • Define metadata for a scheduled task
  • Configure the XML file for a scheduled task
  • Develop a Java class for a scheduled task
  • Create the directory structure for a registering a scheduled task as a plug-in
  • Register the scheduled task as a plug-in
  • Create Scheduled Task Jobs
  1. Event Handler & Plugin Development
  • Compare plug-ins, plug-in points, and the plug-in framework
  • Describe how plug-ins are used to implement event handlers
  • Develop and run plug-ins
  • Understand Entity, Orchestration operations, Stages and parameters
  • Discuss operations, user management operations, event handlers
  • Explain how event handlers can extend user management operations
  • Develop and run event handlers
  1. Registering/Unregistering Scheduled Tasks and Event Handlers metadata using MBean 
  1. Working with Adapters
  • Types of Adapters
  • Creating a Pre-Populate, Process Task Adapter
  • Creating Adapter Java Functional Task
  • Creating Adapter Variables for Java Tasks
  • Mapping Method Parameters to Variables
  • Creating an Adapter Logic Task
  • Attaching Pre-Populate Adapters to Form Fields
  • Creating Custom lookups
  1. ICF Based Connector Development
  • Create application instances and associated metadata (IT resource type, IT resource, and resource object)
  • Create Resource Objects and IT Resources needed for the custom ICF connector
  • Work with the Design Console
  • Install the custom ICF connector
  • Build and develop a custom ICF connector for the database
  • Create JDeveloper workspaces and Java projects configured with Connector SPI libraries
  • Start and configure JDeveloper Connections
  • Identify ICF providers
  • Discuss the Identity Connector Framework (ICF)


  • Creating UDFs of different types for Users, Roles, and Organization etc.
  • Migration of Custom Codes from one environment to another environment (Dev to Test, Test to Prod)
  • Connector Cloning



  • Business Analysts
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Functional Implementer
  • Technical Administrator
  • SOA Architect/Developer
  • ADF Developer
  • Security Administrators

 Pre-requisite : OIM Admin Course

IAM Position in Market : in 2017 (7.94 Billion USD), 2022 Projected (20.87 Billion USD)


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