CA SiteMinder Version 12.5 with Hands On : Self Paced & Live Online Training


Course overview:

CA SiteMinder is light weight single sign-on solution for Web applications, it provides centralized, policy-based authentication.

The 20+ hours course is a use cases based, 100% practical course.

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Approach to the Course:

  • Complete 100% practical approach, right from installation to configuration and thorough admin
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  • Topic Explanation followed by practical demonstration.


Course Objective:

A. Introduction:

  • Course Agenda
  • Course Objectives

B. Define CA Siteminder:

  • What Is CA Siteminder?
  • How Is CA Siteminder Beneficial
  • CA Siteminder Services and Functions
  • CA Siteminder Core Components
  • PEP
  • PDP
  • PAP
  • Accessing a Protected Resource
  • CA Siteminder Authentication and Authorization
  • Common Integrations
  • Secure Proxy Server
  • Identity Federation
  • SSO
  • New Features in CA Siteminder
  • CA DLP Integration
  • CA Identity Manager Access Roles in Policies
  • CA Report Server
  • Federation Services

C. CA Siteminder Deployment

  • CA Directory Server Deployment
  • CA Siteminder Policy Server Installation
  • Admin UI & FSS UI Configuration
  • Policy Store / Audit Store Configuration
  • Web Agent Installation (IIS / Apache)
  • Web Agent Configuration

D. Administer Web Agents

  • How Web Agents Secure Resources
  • Web Agent and Policy Server
  • CA Siteminder Cookies
  • SMSESSION Cookie
  • Types of Agents
  • Configuration Methods
  • Web Agent Terms
  • Configuration Objects: ACO
  • Configuration Objects: HCO
  • Agent Groups
  • Centralized Agent Model
  • Deploy a Web Agent
  • Web Agent Configuration Files
  • Navigating the Administrative User Interface (Admin UI)

E. Configure User Stores

  • Directories and Databases
  • Service Accounts
  • LDAP
  • General Information about LDAP
  • User Disambiguation in an LDAP Directory
  • Attributes and Attribute Mapping
  • Directory Attribute Mapping
  • User Attribute Mapping
  • Types of Attribute Mapping
  • Active Directory
  • Secure Connection with SSL
  • Password Integration
  • ODBC
  • ODBC Database
  • Create a User Directory (ODBC)
  • Configure a SQL Query Scheme
  • Directory Mapping
  • Configure an Identity Mapping

F. Protect a Web Application

  • EPM to Policy-Domain Components
  • Enterprise Policy Management Application Objects
  • Applications
  • Components
  • Resources
  • Policy Server Processing
  • Roles
  • Policies
  • Named Expressions
  • Benefits of Named Expressions
  • Named Expressions continued
  • User Class
  • Integrate Web Applications
  • Responses
  • HTTP Header Variables
  • Personalizing Web Pages
  • Realms, Rules, Responses, and Policies
  • Policy Domain
  • Realms
  • Rules
  • Policies

G. Administer CA Siteminder

  • Protect the Administrative UI with CA Siteminder
  • CA Siteminder Administrators
  • Create an Administrator
  • Scoped Administrators
  • Authentication Schemes
  • HTML Forms Authentication
  • Process of HTML Forms Authentication
  • HTML Forms Authentication Scheme
  • Login Page (Login.fcc)
  • HTML Form Scheme Prerequisites

H. Configure Single Sign-on

  • Overview
  • SSO in a Single Domain
  • Cookie Domain
  • Persistent Cookies
  • Use of Session Store
  • Configuration of a Session Store

I. Import and Export

  • Policy Store Objects XPS
  • Export and Import Tools
  • Export Policy Data Using XPSExport
  • Export Types
  • Add Policy Data
  • Replace Policy Data
  • XPSImport
  • Troubleshooting Policy Data Transfer
  • XPS and Policy Store
  • XPS and XML
  • Data Security

J. Configure Advanced Policy

  • Run-time Policy Enforcement
  • Management Console
  • Management Console: Policy Server Status
  • Management Console: Access Control
  • Management Console: Administration
  • Management Console: Performance
  • Management Console: Connection Options
  • Management Console: RADIUS
  • Management Console: OneView Monitor
  • Management Console: Data
  • Management Console: Superuser Account
  • Management Console: Key Management
  • Management Console: Policy Server Log
  • Management Console: Policy Server Audit Log
  • Management Console: RADIUS Log
  • Profiler Tool to Configure Tracing
  • Management Console: Configuration Settings
  • Management Console: Output
  • Management Console: Advanced Settings
  • Global Policy Concepts
  • Configuring Global Policies

K. Implement Password Services

  • Objectives
  • Password Services Overview
  • Password Services Workflow
  • Password Policy Considerations
  • Create Password Policies
  • Enable Password Change Failure Messages
  • User Initiated Password Changes
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Authentication Schemes Supporting Password Services
  • Apply a Password Policy to a Protected Resource
  • Password Administration Functions

L. Manage Reports in the Administrative UI

  • Objectives
  • How the Reports Installation Works
  • Available Reports
  • View a Report
  • InfoView

M. Implement Other CA Siteminder Features

  • Key Management: Web Agent Side
  • Key Management: Policy Server Side
  • CA Siteminder Stores
  • Failover and Load Balancing
  • Failover and Load Balancing: Best Practice
  • Support for Hardware Load Balancers
  • Performance Tuning
  • Federation
  • Partnership Federation
  • CA Identity Minder Integration

N. Troubleshoot CA Siteminder


  • System Administrator
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Functional Implementer
  • Business Analysts
  • Sales Consultants
  • End Users

Pre-requisitesNothing as such, but having some basic understanding of SSO is a plus.

IAM position in the Market :

As per Gartner, CA Siteminder is leader a in Access Management, as its easy to deploy (if you compare with Oracle – OAM) and is also packed with features.
The IT security is a permanent pillar of businesses, they have to invest it around the year to safeguard their interest & intellectual property. Currently IAM market is 8+ Billion USD, by 2022 going to be around 21 Billion USD, please refer:

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  1. Average, its like Intro to Siteminder.


    Certificate Management/Reporting server/Key Management/SMT Testing Tool/Cross Domain auth/authz is not covered
    Not much useful “use cases” are provided
    Most of the topics are focused only on configuration rather than implementation like a documentation readout
    Lot of repetition rather than explaining topics in detail

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